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Türkiye hopes progress in Azerbaijani-Armenian talks to lead to peace

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 28. Türkiye wants positive progress in negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia to lead to an agreement that will ensure peace, a statement issued following a meeting of the National Security Council of Türkiye says, TurkicWorld reports.

The Council stated that Türkiye stands ready to support all efforts aimed at establishing permanent peace.

The 9th regular meeting of the commissions on the border between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia was held on May 15, 2024, where th Technical Protocol was agreed upon and the relevant protocol of the commissions was signed.

As a result of delimitation works, the 12.7 km border line was determined, thereby ensuring the return to Azerbaijan of the territories (6.5 square kilometers) of four villages in the Gazakh district of the Republic of Azerbaijan: Baghanis Ayrim, Ashagi Askipara, Kheyrimli, and Gizilhajili.

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