German politician faces backlash for his pro-Armenian stance

German politician faces backlash for his pro-Armenian stance

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 25. The never-ending story of the Armenia-EU corruption system is taking a new turn. Stories about corrupt members of the European Parliament and the US Congress, various deputies, and even journalists being influenced by the Armenian lobby no longer seem so supernatural. The latest scandal involves Michael Helmut Roth, a German politician from the Social Democratic Party of Germany and a member of the German Bundestag.

Roth has already visited Yerevan, where he gained notoriety for his vehemently anti-Azerbaijani statements, as usual, accusing Azerbaijan of non-existent attacks on Armenia and so-called "ethnic cleansing".

The German deputy is also an active social media user, where he showcases every pro-Armenian step he takes. However, his German followers, after his latest pro-Armenian posts, have not remained silent and began expressing justified doubts - where does Roth garner his parliamentary support?

His fellow citizens rightly pointed out that if Roth truly receives his salary thanks to German taxpayers, he should perhaps be concerned about the pressing issues in his own country.

Others sarcastically suggested that Roth should step down from his duties if he is not concerned about the problems of Germans and should "fund his tourism activities from his own pocket".

While the EU at least claims to be making efforts to establish peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, EU lawmakers actively undermine these efforts. Such lawmakers often pass various anti-Azerbaijani resolutions that question the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, posing a threat to the peace and security of the entire region.

This type of diplomacy by Armenian lobbyists is not new, and it's unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The question is how long the EU's official stance will align with them?