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Putin signs law on electronic military summonses for people liable for military service

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that provides for the establishment of a single registry of people eligible for military service and the introduction of electronic military summonses, according to a copy of the law that was published on a government website on Friday, TurkicWorld reports citing TASS.

The law also introduces certain restrictions on people who receive a draft notice but fail to come to their enlistment office.

According to the law, hard copies of draft orders that are sent to people eligible for military service will be supplemented by electronic copies. An electronic summons will be considered served once it’s posted to the person’s account on "a relevant online service, in an information system." Also, a person will be notified about the summons in his or her account with the online government services portal. If a summons is not delivered in writing or electronically, it will be considered served after seven days passes from the date it was registered in the draft registry.

Also, temporary restrictions will be imposed on people if they fail to come to their military enlistment office without a valid reason within 20 days from the date they were served the summons. They could be banned from registering as individual entrepreneurs, registering their vehicles and real estate, their driving licenses could be suspended and loan applications rejected. Russian regions will be able to introduce their own additional measures such as limiting various payouts, benefits and other social support measures. These restrictions may be appealed either in or out of court.

Also, people that are liable for military service won’t be able to leave Russia starting from the day they were served a military summons unless they come to the enlistment office.

Anyone eligible for military service, if they weren’t served a military summons, has to come to their enlistment office within two weeks from the start of the following conscription period.

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