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Texas officially enters state of war

Baku. TurkicWorld:

The Governor of Texas activated Article 1 of Section 10, Paragraph 3 of the US Constitution, which allows to declare martial law in the state and act without regard to the federal government, The Economist said, TurkicWorld reports.

A state can now bypass US President Joe Biden by requesting assistance from other states or even foreign countries. Some other US states have already expressed support and willingness to send aid.

On January 22, the US Supreme Court supported Biden in a dispute with Texas and declared the actions of state security forces to capture migrants unconstitutional. The court also gave federal authorities the right to demolish border barriers that were erected on the orders of state authorities. However, Texas refuses to comply with the court's decision.

On January 23, the US Department of the Interior demanded that the Texas National Guard provide federal security forces with access to the refugee accommodation facility, but Governor Abbott refused to comply with the demand.

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