Russia's Astrakhan region keen to set up joint ventures with Azerbaijan

Russia's Astrakhan region keen to set up joint ventures with Azerbaijan

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 29. Russia's Astrakhan region is keen to set up joint ventures with Azerbaijan, the Deputy Chairman of the region's Government Kazbek Khadikov said at the 12th Azerbaijani-Russian Interregional Forum, TurkicWorld reports via the region's Ministry of External Relations.

"Our region is open to cooperation with Azerbaijani partners. We propose to establish an exchange of information about potential investors from both sides and discuss the possibilities of creating joint enterprises," he noted.

Khadikov mentioned that expanding economic relations with Azerbaijan is directly linked to the development of freight transportation through the North-South corridor.

Speaking about the promising directions, he noted investment cooperation, industrial cooperation, including collaboration between shipbuilding enterprises in Astrakhan and Azerbaijan, and interaction in the tourism sector.

Furthermore, the region's Minister of External Relations Vladimir Golovkov added that special attention is given to cooperation with Azerbaijan.

"We are actively developing connections in trade, logistics, industry, agriculture, tourism, education, culture, and other spheres," emphasized Golovkov.

Notably, the 12th Azerbaijani-Russian Interregional Forum is taking place in Minvody Expo (Stavropol). Its participants are discussing the expansion of bilateral cooperation and collaboration between Russia and Azerbaijan in industrial, transport-logistics, ecological, and agricultural sectors.

The forum involves around 400 representatives from business circles and authorities of Russia and Azerbaijan.