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Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev Novruz holiday

Uzbekistan, famous for its humanism from time immemorial, is celebrating Navruz A festive atmosphere has been created in the park. Shows about Navruz-related traditions, exhibitions of national cultural centers were organized.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev attended the festive event.

The Head of state cordially congratulated the people of the country.

– Today, Navruz festivities are held with great enthusiasm everywhere in our country, in the valleys and oases, cities and villages, in parks and squares. In these enchanting moments, when joy overflows our hearts, I express to you, congratulating all compatriots, young and old, deep respect and best wishes”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Navruz is the beginning of a new year according to the Eastern calendar, a holiday of awakening and renewal of nature. The philosophy and values of this holiday are consonant with the idea of New Uzbekistan, according to which large-scale work is being carried out in the country to raise honor and dignity, ensure the rights and interests of every person, and create decent conditions for residents of all cities and regions. The economy and social sphere are developing comprehensively. Much attention is paid to science, education, healthcare, culture and sports.

“The experience, wisdom and blessings of our respected veterans, fathers and mothers, filling with strength and energy, help to make the life of Uzbekistan people worthy in all respects. The selfless work of our people, their support for the course of reforms are support for us in bringing national development to a new, even higher level”, the President noted.

The Head of state thanked each of our compatriots for their worthy work for the benefit of the country. Confidence was expressed that at the upcoming important political event next month, citizens will show a high political culture.

The success of farmers, athletes and youth of the country was also noted.

It was emphasized that good deeds based on the noble traditions of our people should be performed not only on Navruz, but always, every day.

“Today we in Uzbekistan are creating a social and truly people’s state, where kindness and mercy, generosity, mutual respect and harmony will become the norm of life. We must ensure that every person in our country, famous for its spiritual values and humanism from time immemorial, fully feels the attention and care of the people and the state”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The President congratulated the Muslims of the country, the entire Islamic Ummah of the world on the approaching month of Ramadan.

The Head of state sincerely greeted the ambassadors of foreign states, representatives of international organizations, expressed good wishes to their countries and peoples.

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