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Ancient underground passage found in Turkish Istanbul

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 10. As a result of excavations carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality inside the ruins of the Church of St. Polyeuctus, an underground passage, which dates back 1,500 years, was discovered.

The archaeological excavation is currently underway on the territory of the 1,500-year-old Church of St. Polyeuctus, which was built earlier than the Hagia Sophia and is located in the Sarachane Archaeological Park.

Mosaics and stonework lined with marble were found inside the underground passageway.

Deputy Mayor Mahir Polat stressed that this building is a valuable example of earthquake research in Istanbul.

Excavations in the Sarachane Archaeological Park began in 2022. According to Polat, Sarachane Park will be open to visitors for a month.

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