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President Ilham Aliyev combines traditions and modern achievements in his country - Avigdor Lieberman

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 3. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev combines traditions and modern achievements in his country, Knesset member, ex-Minister of Finance and Defense of Israel Avigdor Lieberman told "Vesti", TurkicWorld reports.

"Azerbaijan serves as a wonderful example of how in one state you can observe its own traditions and respect the customs of other peoples. We must pay tribute to President Ilham Aliyev, who combines traditions and modern achievements in his country," he said.

He stressed that relations between Israel and Azerbaijan have a long history.

"The relations were not established yesterday, and not even 32 years ago with the establishment of diplomatic relations. The relations between us have been established many centuries ago. It is difficult to name another republic of the former USSR, where the Jewish people could feel themselves as comfortable as in Azerbaijan. Tolerance and respect for Jewish people is in the blood of Azerbaijanis," he said.

As Lieberman said, he himself has repeatedly visited Azerbaijan, "and not only Baku".

"The attitude towards the Israelis in Azerbaijan is very warm, very respectful. Here you can safely speak Hebrew without fear for your safety. When people on the streets ask where you are from and hear "from Israel", they smile sincerely," he said.

He noted that relations between Azerbaijan and Israel have always developed intensively, especially in the field of culture, tourism, and the economy, but precisely because of geopolitical nuances, formal consolidation was carried out cautiously.

Lieberman also commented on the destructive steps of Iran against the backdrop of strengthening ties between Israel and Azerbaijan.

"Iran is clearly haunted by Azerbaijan's achievements. In Iran, they are simply jealous of this country! They are waging an information war against the Azerbaijanis, saber-rattling is heard. On March 29, an assassination attempt was made on the life of Fazil Mustafa, a member of parliament, he received gunshot wounds. And by the way, this MP is known for his warm attitude towards Israel," he said.

According to Lieberman, relations between Israel and Azerbaijan will only grow stronger.

"Now there are 114 Israeli firms operating in this country, providing hundreds of jobs for local residents. Baku oil makes up 30 percent of the fuel supplied to Israel. Israeli President Isaac Herzog is expected to visit Baku in May, talks are underway on the supply of technologies," he said.

Lieberman spoke about the achievements in cooperation in the field of tourism.

"If earlier there was one flight per week, now planes from Ben Gurion fly there every day. As a person who has been to Azerbaijan many times, I can testify that there are many amazingly beautiful places there," he added.

Knesset member stressed that Israel has a large community of immigrants from Azerbaijan, many of them have perfectly integrated and achieved great success.

"Azerbaijan is an example of a Muslim country that lives a free, open life," he added.

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