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EU welcomes continuation of border delimitation process between Azerbaijan, Armenia - Peter Stano

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 18. The EU welcomes the continuation of the border delimitation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Peter Stano, Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said, TurkicWorld reports.

“The EU welcomes progress made in the framework of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border delimitation process, based on the 1991 Almaty agreement, and more specifically the protocol signed during the 9th meeting of the border commissions of Armenia and Azerbaijan on Wednesday 15 May, leading to an agreement on several sections of the border.

The EU encourages the parties to take further decisive steps to tackle other outstanding bilateral issues and remains committed to supporting the efforts aimed at bringing sustainable and lasting peace to the South Caucasus region,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, on May 15, a meeting was held between border delimitation commissions of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

During the meeting, as per their adopted Protocol of the 8th meeting of April 19, 2024, the sides discussed the work accomplished and agreed upon a jointly drafted Protocol-Description of the segments of the border line directly between the residential areas of Baganys Ayrim (AR) -Baganis (RA), Ashagy Askipara (AR)-Voskepar (RA), Kheyrimli (AR) - Kirants (RA), and Gyzylhajily (AR) - Berkaber (RA), with an aim of aligning them in accordance with the legally justified inter-republican border that existed within the framework of the Soviet Union at the time of its dissolution, taking into account the clarification of coordinates based on geodetic measurements on the ground in accordance with the topographic map of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces of 1976, which underwent the duty procedure in 1979.

As the result of the meeting, the respective protocol was signed. The date and location of the next meeting will be agreed in a working order.

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