Armenia arrests lost Azerbaijani soldier on false charges

Armenia arrests lost Azerbaijani soldier on false charges

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 29. The lost Azerbaijani soldier Ruslan Panahov has been arrested in Armenia on false charges, TurkicWorld reports.

Armenian media said that the Investigative Committee of Armenia has raised 'criminal case' on false charges against Azerbaijani serviceman Ruslan Panahov who lost due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Panahov has been charged of 'attempted sabotage, illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, as well as attempted murder on the grounds of racial and religious intolerance'.

Notably, on the morning of February 28, Panahov became disoriented while traversing between service posts in Azerbaijan's Lachin district due to inclement weather.

Meanwhile, the Armenian side released a statement reporting the detention of an Azerbaijani soldier who crossed the imaginary border. By making unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations, Armenia once again reveals its true nature.

Unfortunately, it's not excluded that international organizations, heads of state, and government who constantly emphasize 'human rights' and portray themselves as defenders of such rights will remain silent on these provocations by Yerevan against Azerbaijan.

While in Germany, the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia are discussing peace-related issues, this move by the Armenian side is nothing more than an attempt to cast a shadow on the peaceful negotiations between Baku and Yerevan, obstructing the resolution of the conflict.