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Azerbaijan Türkiye Global Media Forum in Shusha

Pro-Armenian lobbyist boos journalists visiting Shusha Global Media Forum

BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 3. Pro-Armenian lobbyist, American "journalist" Lindsey Snell, known for her provocative posts on social media against Azerbaijan and Türkiye, has once again proved that she is a hostage of Armenia's propaganda, TurkicWorld reports.

The "journalist" listed all of the foreign reporters and specialists who attended the Shusha Global Media Forum, which took place from July 21 to July 23 in her social media account.

In doing so, she advocates for their punishment and works to harm their character, justifying her actions by pointing out that they attended the forum in the nation that allegedly "blocks 120,000 residents from Karabakh."

150 foreign visitors from 49 nations attended the event, including 34 country officials from state news agencies as well as 12 international organizations and media organizations. 60 managers and journalists from nearby publications were also present.

She cannot accept the fact that numerous foreign journalists gladly participated in the Shusha Media Forum, saw all the restoration and creative work in the liberated territories, demonstrated their objectivity, common sense, which Snell does not have.

Apparently, journalism is just a background for her. After all, she was detained while illegally entering Türkiye from Syria in August 2016. In the same year, she was arrested on charges of espionage, and after serving a certain term in prison, she was deported by Türkiye.

Lindsey Snell should understand what kind of information bubble she is in, stop succumbing to the manipulations of the Armenian side and already make sure that there is no "blockade", there is no "humanitarian catastrophe", not to mention the imaginary number of "120,000 people".

Azerbaijan is committed to the reintegration of the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh into its society and will grant them equal freedoms and rights.

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