EU Monitoring Mission abdicates its duty over Armenian provocation, pouring it on Russia

EU Monitoring Mission abdicates its duty over Armenian provocation, pouring it on Russia

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 21. The EU Monitoring Mission to Armenia (EUMA) has no access to the Armenian Nerkin-And settlement [from where Armenia committed provocation resulting in the injury of an Azerbaijani serviceman], said the head of EUMA Markus Ritter, TurkicWorld reports.

"We have access to almost all of Armenia's region. However, there are several challenges to getting to Nerkin-And. The problem is due to the fact that it lies under the duty zone of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service) border guards," he noted.

In this approach, the EUMA may have decided to relinquish responsibility for allowing Armenia's provocation against Azerbaijan.

Apparently, EU pensioners did not clean their binocular lenses properly, since they missed the shot from an Armenian sniper toward the Azerbaijani side.

All of this is not surprising, given that 'binocular diplomacy' has long been demonstrated to be ineffective in decreasing tensions on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border but rather serves the interests of countries such as France and others.

Meanwhile, Armenia's Security Council Secretary recently accused Russia of "allowing" Azerbaijan to carry out an operation in reaction to Armenian provocation. So, Armenia may provoke, but Azerbaijan can't respond?

Azerbaijan had a clear right to retaliate, and it exercised it, showing Armenia how Baku would react to provocations.

On February 12, gunfire erupted from Armenian Armed Forces positions in Nerkin-And settlement of the Gafan district, targeting Azerbaijan's Border Guards of the State Border Service (SBS) in Kollugishlaq village of the Zangilan district.

As a consequence of the incident, soldier Parviz Khalilzade, a serviceman of the SBS, was injured. The military serviceman was evacuated to a specialized medical facility via helicopter.

Moreover, on February 12, at 20:50 and 23:40 (GMT +4), the Armenian army units from the positions in the direction of Chinarli settlement of the Tovuzgala region used small arms to fire the Azerbaijan Army positions stationed in the direction of Kokhanabi settlement of the Tovuz district.

In response to this provocation of the Armenian army, the units of the SBS of Azerbaijan carried out the "Revenge" operation on February 13.

According to the SBS, the operation resulted in the complete destruction of the Armenian Armed Forces' combat post near Nerkin-And settlement, from where the Azerbaijani Army positions were fired the day before.

"There have been reports of substantial personnel losses at the damaged combat position. Any provocations by the Armenian side aimed at escalating tensions along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border will now be met with even more serious and decisive reactions. The military-political leadership of Armenia bears full responsibility for these developments," said the SBS statement.