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Azerbaijan, Iran jointly to launch Giz Galasi hydroelectric power station tomorrow

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 18. The Giz Galasi hydroelectric complex built on the Araz River that runs between Iran and Azerbaijan is expected to be commissioned tomorrow, TurkicWorld reports.

The complex serves as one of the most important projects between the two countries and is now fully operational.

With the commissioning of the Giz Galasi hydroelectric complex, located 196 km downstream of the Araz water dam, 74,000 hectares of agricultural land in Iran (62,000 hectares in the Ardabil region and 12,000 hectares in the East Azerbaijan region) will receive water, thereby boosting agricultural production in these areas.

Due to the risk of floods, a regulating channel is planned on both sides of the complex.

The Iranian side reports spending 5.5 trillion rials (about $131 million) on the Giz Galasi complex.

Giz Galasi will supply 74,000 hectares in Iran's East Azerbaijan and Ardabil provinces with water and create jobs for 85,000 people.

The power station will regulate 2 billion cubic meters of water annually (1 billion cubic meters for Azerbaijan and 1 billion cubic meters for Iran).

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