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No criminal case to be initiated against Armenian provocateur, who burned Azerbaijani flag in Yerevan

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 15. No criminal case will be initiated against the provocateur who burned the Azerbaijani flag in Yerevan, lawyer Alexander Kochubaev told journalists, TurkicWorld reports.

"At the initial stage of the investigation, the investigative body noted the absence of corpus delicti. According to preliminary information, no criminal case will be initiated. Aram Nikolyan was released. A decision was made to refuse to initiate a criminal case, it was sent to the prosecutor for approval," he said.

Moreover, a provocation was committed against Azerbaijan during the opening ceremony of the European Weightlifting Championship in Armenia. Nikolyan, who is a designer and stylist, ran onto the stage, took the Azerbaijani flag from the hands of the flag bearer and burned it in front of everyone. In the footage, you can see that Nikolyan has an accreditation certificate. According to the Armenian press, he is considered a member of the organizing team and the person responsible for the design of the clothes of the show participants.

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