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Azerbaijan State Security Service

Sabotage of some neighboring countries being dealt with decisively - Azerbaijan's security service

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 28. The intelligence-subversion activities and sabotage activities of the special services of some neighboring countries are being resolutely suppressed, and Azerbaijan's security is being ensured, Head of the State Security Service (SSS), Colonel-General Ali Nagiyev, said at an event dedicated to the 104th anniversary of the establishment of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan, TurkicWorld reports.

Having touched upon the geopolitical processes taking place in the world and accompanied by serious upheavals, Colonel-General Ali Nagiyev spoke about the insidious actions of some neighboring countries with Azerbaijan, directed against the security of our country.

He noted that the intelligence and subversive activities and provocations of these countries’ intelligence services are resolutely suppressed, and, at the same time, security in the country is always well ensured.

Nagiyev also pointed out that the SSS, as well as other government structures, mobilizes all its potentials for the successful implementation of resettlement process of our citizens based on the program of "Great Return" to the territories, liberated from occupation thanks to the courage of the Azerbaijani army under the leadership of the Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief President Ilham Aliyev, where large-scale restoration and construction work is currently underway.

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