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Azerbaijan urges France against meddling in its internal affairs - MFA

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 30. Azerbaijan has called on France against meddling in its internal affairs, TurkicWorld reports via the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's statement.

According to the statement, Azerbaijan resolutely rejects the groundless and accusatory claims made against it by the Minister of the Interior of France, Gérard Darmanin, while talking about Azerbaijan-New Caledonia relations in the law committee of the French National Assembly on April 29, 2024.

The statement said that accusing Azerbaijan of allegedly supporting separatism with regard to New Caledonia, the Minister of the Interior of France forgets that it was the French side that took steps to support aggressive separatism in Azerbaijan for a long time and regularly received representatives of the so-called separatist regime in France at a high level.

"It is known that the French Parliament, at the initiative of the ruling party of France, adopted decisions and resolutions that questioned and harmed the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, recognized the separatist regime, and enabled the activity of a friendship group with the former so-called separatist regime.

Instead of trying to smear Azerbaijan with ridiculous and cheap accusations, such as the massacre of the Armenian population, the French Minister of the Interior should not forget that, as part of its colonial policy implemented for many years and continued now, his country has committed crimes against humanity with respect to local peoples and brutally murdered millions of innocent people.

Against the backdrop of all the above, it is completely unacceptable for a French government official without fitting into any ethical framework in terms of international interstate relations to deliberately use insulting expressions about the constitutional state structure of Azerbaijan.

"We once again call on France against meddling in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs and to stop making baseless claims against our country.

Once more, we declare that our country will continue to take all necessary measures to protect its national interests," added the statement.

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