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Extensive arms supply from France to Armenia does not serve peace - Azerbaijani MFA

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 17. It is clear as day that the actions of France, which is extensively arming Armenia and promoting militarism in the region, do not serve peace, Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Aykhan Hajizada said, TurkicWorld reports.

"Despite the French side having played the role of a mediator for nearly 25 years due to Azerbaijan’s consent, the country has taken open and explicit anti-Azerbaijani actions following the 2020 Patriotic War.

Notwithstanding France’s accusation against Azerbaijan of unilateral actions, our country’s steps and official statements towards France have only been in response to this country's destructive activities. Despite the smear campaign against our country, dialogue channels have always been kept open on our side.

In particular, France’s actions over the past three and a half years have seriously put under question the efforts to normalize relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia based on sovereignty and territorial integrity and contributed to the escalation of the situation," the statement reads.

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