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Armenia unreaches its desired feat at Brussels meeting - Azerbaijani expert

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 9. The Armenian government failed to achieve the desired result at a meeting in Brussels on April 5, military expert Elkhan Shikhaliyev told TurkicWorld.

He mentioned that Armenia sought assurances from the US and EU, citing an alleged "threat to their security from Azerbaijan," but ultimately felt let down.

"Until April 5, Armenians attempted many provocations against Azerbaijan, but the country stayed resolute and did not fall. Now, Armenians are striving to persuade their supporters that Azerbaijan poses a threat to Armenia. As a result, Armenians carry out provocations along the frontier. Interestingly, the European Union mission in Armenia fails to register these provocations, implying hypocrisy. Armenians are attempting to depict Azerbaijan as eager for possible violence, which is not the truth," the expert said.

Shikhaliyev stated that even if Armenia does not receive security guarantees, it will still seek to provoke Azerbaijan into a conflict before COP29 as part of a broader strategy.

"The aim is to cast doubt on security within the global community prior to the esteemed event in Azerbaijan, suggesting it's among the unsafe regions, conveying a message of potential conflict. This aligns with the interests of Armenia's supporter, France. Armenia lacks a consistent political stance. The region's various maneuvers are orchestrated around Armenia, which lacks autonomy in decision-making, a fact we're well aware of," Shikhaliyev concluded.

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