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Iran’s VP expresses concern over communication outside ‘3+3’ format in South Caucasus

BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 10. The situation in the South Caucasus becomes more complicated when there are interactions beyond the ‘3 + 3’ format, (Russia, Iran and Türkiye, plus 3 South Caucasus countries - Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia), Iran's Vice President Mohammad Jamshidi wrote on his page on X, while announcing the details of the telephone conversation between the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi and the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, TurkicWorld reports.

According to Jamshidi, cooperating with foreigners, carrying out military exercises with them and making suspicious trips make the situation even more difficult.

Jamshidi noted that the situation worsens when there are foreign collaborations, joint military drills and dubious travels.

Iran shows that it is aware of various disturbing steps taken by Armenia in the region recently. Iran wants regional issues to be resolved by regional countries.

Armenia’s recent actions in the region are troubling to Iran, which prefers to see regional problems solved by regional actors.

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