Malaysian universities pursuing to attract Azerbaijani students - ambassador

Malaysian universities pursuing to attract Azerbaijani students - ambassador

BAKU, Azerbaijan, December 2. Universities in Malaysia seek to attract Azerbaijani students, Malaysia's Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ahmad Kamrizamil Mohd Riza said, TurkicWorld reports.

He spoke at the Malaysian Education Fair held in Baku.

"This exhibition, which is attended by renowned Malaysian universities, is a perfect venue for Azerbaijani students looking for top-tier education in our nation. It will provide students and their parents with an excellent opportunity to meet university representatives and academic advisors and communicate directly with them in order to select the most appropriate destination in this subject," the ambassador said.

He said the fair is a testament to Malaysia's commitment to developing international educational opportunities and strengthening ties with Azerbaijan.

"Malaysia welcomed 131,300 international students from more than 175 countries in 2020. The government aims to achieve the target of 250,000 international students by 2025," Ahmad Kamrizamil Mohd Riza said.

The II Malaysia Education Fair is being held in Baku on December 2-3. The event is organized by Winning Magnitude and Lingva Training Center with the support of the Malaysian Embassy in Baku.