US to attend Southern Gas Corridor meeting in Baku

US to attend Southern Gas Corridor meeting in Baku

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 5. The United States will attend the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council meeting in Baku, the US embassy in Baku told TurkicWorld.

"We have in prior years given our strong support and work on the Southern Gas Corridor over the past 20 plus years. We are still finalizing our plans regarding participation," said the embassy.

The 10th meeting of the Advisory Council on the Southern Gas Corridor is scheduled for March 1st. This meeting will encompass the signing of several pivotal documents, focusing on both the expansion of the SGC and the inclusion of new participating countries, as well as initiatives related to green energy projects. A dedicated session will address these green energy projects alongside the negotiation of significant agreements.

Since December 2020, the Southern Gas Corridor has operated at full capacity, delivering gas to Italy (over nine billion cubic meters per year), Greece, and Bulgaria (one billion cubic meters per year each).

In 2022, EU member states received 11.4 billion cubic meters of gas, valued at 15.6 billion euros. By 2023, this volume increased to 11.8 billion cubic meters.