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Japan plans to create center for development of military AI

Baku. TurkicWorld:

The Japanese Ministry of Defense plans to establish a research center for the development of military artificial intelligence (AI) in cooperation with commercial organizations in the fall, TurkicWorld reports.

According to him, the new institution is being created on the model of the American Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects. The center will invest in private technology companies. At the same time, the assessment of the success of such research projects will take place after three years, the company will have the right not to return the funds raised in case of failure. This approach will help technology firms focus on rapid innovation without worrying about finances, the newspaper writes.

It is reported that the military department plans to develop AI-based image recognition technology to create autonomous vehicles capable of operating in complete darkness. In addition, the Ministry of Defense is interested in developing new ways to detect submarines using subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves.

About 100 employees will work at the center, about half of them will be scientists and representatives of private organizations. The institution will also develop dual-use technologies.

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