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France's influence in yet another African country wanes

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 29. France has lost its political influence in yet another African country, TurkicWorld reports.

The newly elected President of Senegal Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar Faye promised to sever the last ties with the former colonial power. He furthermore plans to discontinue the usage of the CFA franc, the currency employed in the former French territories across West and Equatorial Africa.

In 2023, French diplomacy experienced a notable decline in influence across Africa.

Faced with military coups and political upheaval, France's former allies redirected their foreign policies, impacting France's diplomatic stance.

The weakening of France's diplomacy has been notable, and the introduction of a new law tightening immigration regulations for foreigners has only worsened the situation.

Anticipated serious challenges loom for French interests in Africa, particularly following the power shifts in Niger and Burkina Faso, previously pivotal points of French military influence in the region.

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