Uzbekistan's Justice Ministry talks awareness campaign on amendments to Constitution

Uzbekistan News 29 April 2023 21:19
TurkicWorld Hafiz Rufizoğlu
Uzbekistan's Justice Ministry talks awareness campaign on amendments to Constitution

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, April 29. The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan has held a number of events during the year to raise awareness on the content of the amended Constitution among the population, TurkicWorld reports from the scene.

Representatives of the ministry noted that the ministry traditionally holds events every year aimed at improving the legal literacy of the population.

This year's campaign was held throughout the country in order to raise awareness on the content of the amendments. As part of this campaign, constitutional innovations, the procedure for participating in a referendum and the content of the legislation on a referendum were explained to citizens, and answers were given to their questions.

The events were attended by about 100 thousand citizens throughout the country, including young people. More than 40,000 copies of booklets, leaflets, infographics and other informational materials were distributed in various forms.

Guidelines and brochures have been prepared to explain the essence of the legislation on the referendum and the updated Constitution for those segments of the population that do not actively use the internet, mainly for the elderly citizens of the country.

"As freedom of speech and democratization develop more and more in the society of Uzbekistan, thoughts diverge, ideas diverge, the principles of pluralism penetrate deeper. New projects and reforms are also welcome. This, in turn, means that interest in constitutional reform is high," the officials added.

More than 611,000 citizens of Uzbekistan voted early in the referendum on amendments to the Constitution. Over 452,000 of them voted in the country, and more than 159,000 people abroad.

A total of 10,758 polling stations have been created for voting, 55 of which are located in 39 foreign countries. In general, about 20 million citizens of Uzbekistan are expected to participate in the referendum.

Early voting took place from April 19 to April 26.

The referendum will take place on April 30.