KALEKALIP to introduce its new weapon in Indonesia

Turkic States News 3 November 2022 13:51
TurkicWorld Daspina Hasanova
KALEKALIP to introduce its new weapon in Indonesia

BAKU. TurkicWorld:

KALEKALIP introduce its new weapon at INDO Defense 2022 fair, which will be held in Indonesia between 2-5 November, reports TurkicWorld with the reference DefenceTurk.

KALEKALIP launch its new weapon at INDO Defense 2022 fair, which will be held in Indonesia between the dates 2-5 November. The following statement on the social media account of KALEKALIP;

“We are waiting for you at our stand at the Indo Defense 2022 Defense Fair. It will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia between November 2nd and November 5th. We will also launch our new rifle there.”

KMR762 Enters Indonesian Special Operations Unit Inventory

Participating in the 17th Defence Service Asia (DSA) fair held in Malaysia with its national products, KaleKalıp signed a contract with Indonesian Special Operations Unit over the 7,62 mm semi-automatic sniper rifle KMR762. Gendarmerie General Commander General Arif Çetin and Malaysian Ambassador Merve Safa Kavakçı attended the convention event.

KMR762 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle and it has safety mode. KMR762 weighs 5.3 kg and it has a maximum length of 1150 mm. Having a 20″ barrel makes it advantageous at long ranges. 20 or 10 magazines can be used in the gun. These magazines are made of transparent composite. The effective range of the weapon is 800 meters. The gun is AR-10 design and based on the KCR762.

The KMR762, which is semi-automatic, has a short-stroke gas piston operating system. Having a four-stage and cheek-adjustable stock and STANAG 4694 picatinny rail provide comfort to the user. Thus, all kinds of optics, night vision and thermal binoculars can be attached. The gun has an adjustable gas block for the muzzle brake. In the gun with MLOK fore-end, the end user can attach the desired accessories by attaching the guide of the desired length.

There is a rail only on the upper part of the fore-end. Rails can be added to the right, left and bottom parts with guides. The fore-end is manufactured using aerospace grade Aluminum 7075. The gun features a magazine release latch, a mechanism release latch, and a firing mode adjuster on both the right and left sides for right-handed and left-handed users. The gun shows 0.3 MOA dispersion at 100 meters.