Istanbul University celebrated Azerbaijan's Victory Day (PHOTO)

Istanbul University celebrated Azerbaijan's Victory Day (PHOTO)

Azerbaijani Victory Day celebration was held at Istanbul University's of Culture and Congress Center named after Dr. Fuat Sezgin, organized by the Azerbaijani Citizens' Forum, Sadece İnsan Derneği Association, Istanbul University International Student Center and Bab-ı Alem International Student Association, Trend reports via center.

President of International Student Center of Istanbul University Professor Faruk Tashci said in his opening speech that the number of Azerbaijani students at Istanbul University increases every year, and the successes of Azerbaijani students, especially in master's and doctoral studies, attract attention. He added that Azerbaijani students studying in the faculties of medicine, sciences, literature are achieving successful results in their faculties.

Azerbaijani MP Sevil Mikayilova spoke about the support provided by Türkiye and its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Azerbaijan in the Karabakh victory, and stressed that the Azerbaijani people remember this support with gratitude. She noted that brotherhood and strategic cooperation between Türkiye and Azerbaijan has developed further. Mikayilova emphasized that after the Karabakh victory by the decision of President Ilham Aliyev the reorganization of the Azerbaijani army following the model of the Turkish army began.

Acting rector of Istanbul University Professor Mustafa Oral Onciyul mentioned that Turks have always been a people carrying an Islamic banner, and added that the Karabakh victory was very valuable in this sense.

Azerbaijani Consul in Istanbul Zaur Allahverdizade said in his speech that the Karabakh war was an important milestone for the Turkic world.

Ankara University professor Togrul Ismail recalled that during the first Karabakh War the country was not given the necessary support due to political instability in Turkey and added that the opposite was true during the Second Karabakh War.

Lecturer of Bayburt University, Associate Professor Ramin Sadikhov said that Türkiye and Azerbaijan have long used a common diplomatic language and since the Karabakh war the two countries have acted in concert in the international arena. Reminding that there has been a strategic partnership between the two countries since 2010, he added that with the Shusha Declaration, allied relations between Azerbaijan and Türkiye were established. This relationship has a deterrent value for countries that pose threats to Azerbaijan and the region.