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Parliamentary elections kick off in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Nov. 28, 2021 . / Kabar / . Elections to the Jogorku Kenesh have started in Kyrgyzstan, Kabar reported.

Chairwoman of the country's Central Commission for Elections Nurzhan Shaildabekova noted that new parliament will consist of 90 deputies and will be elected for 5 years under the mixed electoral system.

2,435 polling stations have been opened across the country. 59 polling stations are working abroad, first of which was opened in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.

Shaildabekova pointed out that the total number of voters in a single constituency is 3,703,420 voters.

As for the single-mandate constituency - 3 million 619 thousand 292 (not taking into consideration the voters registered abroad).

She added the CEC have accredited 736 international observers to monitor the voting. A total of 21 political parties (total number of candidates - 1,131) and 287 single-mandate candidates are running in the elections:

1. Ata-Meken political party;

2. Butun Kyrgyzstan political party;

3. Alliance political party;

4. Legalaiz political party;

5. Yiman Nuru political party;

6. Kuchtuu region political party;

7. Liberal-Democratic party of Kyrgyzstan Bagyt;

8. Yntymak;

9. Ishenim;

10. Azattyk;

11. Mekenchil El;

12. Green Party of Kyrgyzstan;

13. Zhashasyn Kyrgyzstan;

14. Sotsial-Demokraty;

15. Party of People's Property Aruuzat;

16. Patriotic Party of Unity of Kyrgyzstan;

17. Uluttar Birimdigi;

18. El Umutu;

19. Ordo;

20. Uluu-Jurt;

21. Ata-Jurt Kyrgyzstan.