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Khankendi Ministry of Internal Affairs

Weapons and ammo discovered in Azerbaijan's Aghdara and Khankendi

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 11. Following the II Karabakh War and anti-terrorist measures, the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry's staff are diligently carrying out their assigned tasks in order to speed up the Great Return process and reliably guarantee security, TurkicWorld reports, referring to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ongoing efforts are being made to identify and eliminate potential threats that have persisted since the war ended. A major focus of the personnel from the Interior Ministry who are providing this service is the removal of explosives and ammunition from the area.

During the activities carried out from May 4 to 10, police officers found 38 automatic rifles, 8 pistols, 14 rifles, one grenade launcher, 23 grenades, 23 incendiaries, 136 cartridge magazines, 21,040 cartridges of different calibers, 5 TNT, 27 bayonet knives, and other ammunition in the territory of Khankendi city alone.

On the territory of Aghdara district, 5 automatic rifles, 18 ammunition magazines, and 290 cartridges of different calibers were found and seized.

Following the liberation of its lands, Azerbaijan began operations in November 2020 to clean its lands of mines, booby traps, and other weaponry left behind by illegal Armenian forces.

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