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Khankendi Ministry of Internal Affairs

Weapons and ammunition found in Azerbaijan's Khankendi

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 23. Weapons and ammunition have been found on the territory of Azerbaijan's Khankendi city, TurkicWorld reports via the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the police activity on April 22, 4 automatic weapons of different brands, 2 pistols, 2 rifles, 8 live grenades, 3 igniters, 2 explosives, 18 cartridge magazines, 1930 cartridges of different caliber, 7 bayonet knives, and other ammunition were found and seized on the territory of Khankendi city.

Following the liberation of its lands, Azerbaijan began operations in November 2020 to clean its lands of mines, booby traps, and other weaponry left behind by illegal Armenian forces.

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