Baku to host Organization of Islamic Cooperation V Conference of Labor Ministers next week

Baku to host Organization of Islamic Cooperation V Conference of Labor Ministers next week

BAKU, Azerbaijan, November 16. The V Conference of Labor Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries to be held next week in Baku will contribute to the expansion of cooperation between the countries in the field of labor, employment and social protection, Azerbaijani Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anar Karimov said, TurkicWorld reports.

He spoke at a press conference on the occasion of the international event.

Anar Karimov stated that Azerbaijan was recognized as a full member of the organization on December 8, 1991. The OIC has consistently taken a robust stance on Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijani territory, denouncing Armenia's armed actions and supporting Azerbaijan's right position. In this regard, the group has passed a number of resolutions.

Karimov stated that the OIC actively supported Azerbaijan's fair stand during the 44-day second Karabakh war, which ended with a historic victory.

He emphasized that the OIC member countries' V Conference of Labor Ministers, which will be held in Baku on November 21-23 this year, will allow the OIC member countries to expand cooperation on the development of the social sphere, including the labor market, employment, unemployment elimination, poverty reduction, human capital development, labor migration, and the exchange of useful information and experience in these fields.

The Deputy Minister also emphasized the success of social reforms implemented in Azerbaijan in recent years.

The conference, he believes, will also be significant in terms of bringing these social successes to the international community and sharing expertise in this field with OIC member countries.