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US Secretary of State responds to pro-Armenian senator's attacks on Azerbaijan

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 23. Azerbaijan has a long border with Iran, which needs defending, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said answering provocative questions from pro-Armenian Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, TurkicWorld reports.

Menendez was expressing concern with the US providing military education to Azerbaijan.

Blinken reminded that that were practical reasons for that.

"One is to actually strengthen, as you know, the interoperability between their forces, ours, NATO’s, they engage in peacekeeping," Blinken said.

He went on to note that Azerbaijan shares border with Iran - a reality, which falls in line with Azerbaijan raising the level of its military preparedness.

Blinken also spoke about the role of the US in normalization of the Azerbaijan-Armenia relations.

"I’ve been very engaged on seeing what we can do to help Armenia and Azerbaijan come to peace agreement," he said in particular.

Speaking at a hearing in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the secretary of State also expressed hope that the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia will be signed soon.

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