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Mevlut Cavushoglu

Armenia's actions run counter to its statements - Turkish FM

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 5. Armenia's actions run counter to its statements, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview with Turkish media, TurkicWorld reports.

"Azerbaijan is sincere. It wants peace and offers peace. Armenia, on the one hand, says that Karabakh is Azerbaijan, and on the other hand, it sends its armed groups to Karabakh. If they want peace, why send armed groups? The statement was signed, but no steps were taken along the Zangezur corridor. European countries, the West also established that Armenia illegally transferred weapons and soldiers to Karabakh," he said.

He noted that Armenia most of all needs normalization of relations.

"Knowing this, Armenia continues to take an unconstructive position. The opening of the ‘Nemesis’ monument dedicated to terrorists is unacceptable," FM added.

Cavusoglu added that Türkiye, as a gesture of goodwill, opened its airspace to Armenia.

"We closed it after this incident with the monument, we also closed it for Pashinyan's plane. If such steps of Armenia continue, then, of course, the normalization process will be delayed," he said.

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