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UAE welcomes agreement between Azerbaijan, Armenia

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 22. The UAE has welcomed the agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia regarding the delimitation and demarcation of land borders in the area of four villages, TurkicWorld reports via the UAE Foreign Ministry.

The ministry highlighted that the UAE is closely following the process of building mutual confidence and bolstering the peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The ministry expressed hope that this significant step will strengthen bridges of communication and dialogue and contribute to fostering stability and constructive cooperation in the Caucasus region.

Referring to the UAE Minister of State Ahmed bin Ali Al Sayegh, the ministry emphasized that this positive development, established through direct communications, represents an important step towards a comprehensive peace agreement that contributes to development and peace on both regional and international levels, which would benefit both countries and their peoples and fulfill their mutual interests while achieving further prosperity and growth.

According to the ministry, the UAE holds close and distinguished ties with both Azerbaijan and Armenia and underscores the country’s commitment to reinforce peace and stability in the region, while emphasizing the importance of building bridges and fostering cooperation and dialogue to resolve differences by peaceful means.

To note, the eighth meeting of the State Commission on State Border Delimitation between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the Commission on State Border Delimitation and Border Security between Armenia and Azerbaijan was held on April 19, 2024.

The sides tentatively agreed on the passage of certain segments of the border line directly between the settlements of Baganis (Armenia) – Baganys Ayrim (Azerbaijan), Voskepar (Armenia) – Ashagy Askipara (Azerbaijan), Kirants (Armenia) – Kheyrimli (Azerbaijan), and Berkaber (Armenia) - Gyzylhajily (Azerbaijan) to bring them in line with the legally justified inter-republican border that existed within the Soviet Union at the time of its collapse.

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