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Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva

Ombudsperson's 2023 report details Armenia's crimes against Azerbaijanis

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 29. Azerbaijani Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson) Sabina Aliyeva has prepared the 2023 report for Armenia's crimes against Azerbaijanis, TurkicWorld reports.

Aliyeva carries out extensive activities to inform the international community about the crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan, prepares reports on this topic and addresses them to international structures operating in the field of human rights.

The issue was reflected in the ombudsperson's report for last year.

The report states that as part of the above activities in 2023, the ombudsperson prepared and presented three comprehensive reports containing facts of crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijanis and its violations of international law to the local community and relevant international organizations.

Taking into account the evidence of Armenia's crimes against Azerbaijanis, as well as its violations of international humanitarian law, the ombudsperson's special report on the locations of mass graves found in Edilli village of Azerbaijan's Khojavend district was prepared and presented to the local and international community.

The report also called on the global community to show a decisive stance regarding clarification of the fate of missing Azerbaijanis, transfer of survivors to Azerbaijan, providing information by Armenia about the locations of mass graves and accurate maps of mined territories, as well as holding the leadership of Armenia legally accountable.

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