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Kazakh deputy minister talks Middle Corridor’s benefits for global trade dev't

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 6. The development of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route, also known as the Middle Corridor, will positively impact the economies of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, and we will make every effort to develop this route, Kairat Torebavev, Deputy Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan told TurkicWorld.

He noted that the implementation of this transport route will boost bilateral trade.

"We will see a fairly large increase in trade between our countries as we develop the corridor. Because Kazakhstan is a major transit country for China, for the EU member states, and the CIS countries," the deputy minister added.

Torebayev also emphasized that the Middle Corridor is an important route for Kazakhstan due to its prospects and potential benefits that it can offer to the project countries.

"Any transit leads to the development of economic corridors, and this leads to the development of trade, industry, infrastructure, and bilateral trade," the deputy minister said.

Torebavev also noted potential difficulties hindering the development of the project and including infrastructural and technical limitations. Despite the existence of difficulties, he expressed confidence that the abovementioned issues will be swift.

The Middle corridor is the key transport artery linking East and West. The route gained prominence due to the geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, which made businesses unable to use existing routes via Russia. As Iran is heavily sanctioned, the Middle Corridor became the only feasible option for ensuring the seamless transportation of goods between Europe and Asia.

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